Meet Anne

Your presence in this world is an immeasurable gift to so many! I feel honored to have met you…Thank you for following your heart & doing what you were called to do!

Who is Anne?

Anne is a mom, a friend, and someone you can talk to about most anything. She also just so happens to be an internationally renowned psychic, medium, intuitive, and healer.


Take Comfort

When you meet Anne, you know you’re in the right place. Her warm smile and girl-next-door vibe make you feel right at home.

Maybe it’s your first-time meeting with an intuitive—or maybe it’s your hundredth. Either way, just know it’s natural to feel nervous and even skeptical. But then, when you hear what she has to say, something changes. There’s calmness, and the whole notion of her being a psychic and where she gets her information from leaves you. Time quickly unfolds, and you’re left with an overwhelming feeling of trust.

There truly are no adequate words to describe the experience. 

Making the Connection

Ten years ago, Anne suffered a life-threatening medical condition with the birth of her third child. This lead her to make major shifts in her life.  It was through Reiki that Anne discovered her intuition and psychic abilities. During that time, those gifts were on standby—like all the time—no matter where she went. It’s an unexpected thing when you’re standing in line at the grocery store, and a spirit is trying to get your attention.

After a great deal of self-reflection, though, Anne began her career as a Psychic Medium, and hasn’t looked back since. Today, she uses her knowingness, intuition and psychic abilities to deliver thousands of healing messages to her clients across the country and around the world.  Through it all, Anne remains adamant that this gift is not hers to own. It’s through the trust of both her clients and spirit that she is able to deliver these messages.

The Teacher

In addition to Anne’s private and group readings, her passion is in teaching.  Anne’s classes are attended by broad audiences, ranging from industry leaders and business professionals to busy parents, and just about everyone else in between.  Her teaching allows her to mentor others, and to examine the intuitive process even more. Working with her students gives Anne a type of satisfaction she hadn’t yet experienced in her career. She is excited to continue to expand her offerings to fit her unique and diverse clientele.