Public Group Readings

Public demonstrations are a great opportunity if you are simply curious about how Anne works, prior to making a one-on-one appointment, or to follow up an appointment with a quick check-in.

This is a shared experience, but the quality is the same. She will have individual messages for everyone in attendance, and then each person can ask a question either of a psychic nature or medium (to connect to someone who has passed). Questions can also be asked discreetly.

Group experiences are always different and, although you may be sitting next to strangers, the energy exchange can be nothing short of magical.  Anne finds these group readings have a sort of “cross-pollination” effect, as everyone in attendance is there for a reason. Energy feeds off energy, and, more often than not, attendees leave with a connection to those in their group.  

Next Dates Psychic Nights:

Thursday October 17 & Thursday November 7, 2019

Psychic Mornings:

Summer 2020 (Dates TBD)


Psychic Nights/Mornings

Psychic Nights & Psychic Mornings are public demonstrations that intend to bring in messages from those that have passed over, as well as Anne working psychically with attendees. Everyone attending the demonstration will receive information psychically, and/or a message from spirit.

Nights 7 pm - 9 pm

Mornings 10 am - 12 pm